Best Denim Guide

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Raise your hand if you have a hard time finding jeans? ME ME ME!!! Pick me! A few of my personal body “dilemmas” that make finding denim challenging are that:

  1. I’m short. Like whoa short with a 26″ being able standard for me and then if I want a cropped look I need 25″ or less.
  2. I’m curvy. I have athletic thighs, calves and butt, but a “narrower” waist.

The Hubs has two different brand/style/cut that he loves and owns two pairs of each and he sticks with them. Me on the other hand, I’m always on the hunt which has equated to me owning about 16 different pairs, none of which I loved. At least until recently.

Denim is tough! There’s no one style that looks good on anyone {though this pair just might}. I started doing a little denim “research” as I tried to adopt my Hubs’ find “em and love ’em” mentality.

Needing to cull down from 16 pairs of just ‘eh pairs to just a few ones that I love love love was challenging and involved quite a few orders and returns. I’ve got skinny, straight, boyfriend, crop and flare. Some were ok, some were amazing and a lot were just horrible. {like these, amazingly!} I learned a lot during this process though. For instance, when it comes to cut, styles that are cropped or ankle-length work out best. And for the record, low-rise and high-rise aren’t really my friends. Ever. It’s mid-rise only from here on out.

Here, a few of the standout pairs that emerged as the favorites.

The Best Everything: The cropped “ex-lover” are my absolute favorite. They’re mid-rise, stretchy but not too stretchy and come in so many different washes. You can find them at almost every retailer or online if you want to give them a try. Because these are so stretchy, I grabbed a size 27 in these.

The Best StraightSee above because the ex-lover is also the perfect straight jean. They come in distressed, a super light wash for summer, and this all year round favorite wash.

The Best Distressed: It took me a while to find the right ones for me because I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a pair I’d really only wear on the weekends, but once I tried on these I was immediately hooked. They have an amazing vintage feel and make my butt look terrific.

The Best Skinny: These are hands down my favorite skinny jeans ever. They’re so stretch and yet still retain their shape. They literally go with everything! I’ll probably buy a second pair in the not too distant future.

The Best Non-Distressed Distressed: I don’t really like the idea of fully distressed jeans at work even though I work at an advertising agency and a lot of people wear them. It just doesn’t feel like me. Though I love the look, I felt like I needed to find something that had the same feel, but didn’t have rips. When I tried these one, I couldn’t believe how much I loved them. They’re so fun and give me that super unique feel that despite the cringe-worthy price tag, I still needed to get them. If you want them, they’re 15% off here too.

The Best Black: Surprising that my favorite black skinnies aren’t the same brand or cut as my favorite skinnies right? Well they’re not! I love these so much and they’re so soft!

The Best Flares: Full disclosure, but I have to hem all of my flares no matter what so they end up being more narrow than intended. Therefore, I usually go much wider than I would normally find comfortable in order to get the look I want. However, these are the best ones out there and you should buy them now!

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