Lacey Details

preen zeke top

Guys I’m going to be brutally honest and say that when I was taking these pics last weekend I was not in a good place. To be honest, I’m still not. There’s a lot going on that I’m not quite ready to disclose, but the point of sharing is to keep it real. The few snaps you see on Insta and the glimpses you’ll catch in this neck of the woods are just that. Snaps and glimpses that are carefully curated. You wouldn’t very well want to see pics of someone curled up in sweats, fetal position sobbing would you?

Anyhow, no more dwelling on that for now. Last week’s Shopbop sale allowed for these two new pieces to be added. I’d been obsessed with the idea of maryjane flats ever since I saw these Express ones on Krystal. So when these went on additional sale, I took it as a sign to scoop them up. Aren’t they cute?

preen top // steven shoes // balenciaga bag