ShopBop 25% Off Sale

It’s Shopbop sale time guys and I hope you’ve saved up because there’s a lot to be had! There are some great trends this fall and you should leverage this sale to stock up. This sale is until the 29th so peruse around for your favorite things and hit “go” quickly because there are only a few days to take advantage. Use EOTS17 to get up to 25% off!

Fall Boots
White boots, sock boots, red boots. Boots with embellishments, boots in velvet. The world is your oyster, you just have to pick one. Or many!

Cozy Sweaters
This is a no brainer. Obvi sweaters should be cozy right? But there are some fun details, like laces, pom poms and balloon sleeves that make sweaters this season a little more unique.

Anything Red
One of the hottest colors this season {possibly because of The Handmaid’s Tale?} is red. Be it stripes, plaid, tomato red or a deep burgundy. Pick your shade and wear it proudly.

Taken From the Boys
Maybe it’s my corporate background, but I always love a good blazer and button down. Throw in plaid, prince of wales or a tweed print and I’m a goner.

Sequins, pearls, grommets. You name it, you’ll probably find it adorned on something this season. I love the mix of sequins and sweaters or grommets and pearls for a little edge to the classic. Mix and match, keep them guessing.