Summer Reading Part II

Full disclosure, unlike my previous post, this one contains less of my favorites and more of the books I struggled through this summer.

Into the Water // From the famed author of The Girl on the Train, this book was a bit of a let down. I don’t know about others who read it, but I found it hard to get into it, hard to follow all of the different points of view and really hard to believe that the guilty part in the end was a surprise for anyone. Frankly it was a little depressing and dragged for me.

My Husband’s Wife // Another one that dragged for me, I found this story line to be a bite trite. The characters were boring and unsympathetic. Give this one a pass unless you’re stuck inside on a rainy day.

Ireland // Had this one come across my radar through my book club. I got through only one of the storyteller’s stories and then gave up. Don’t even bother.

Truly Madly Guilty // Such a disappointment after other Liane Moriarty books that I’ve loved. A little too much suspense for a not so big “a-ha” moment. Frankly way too much windup with very little follow through.