What To Consider When Shopping For An Eternity Ring

I tell everyone who ever asks, get an eternity band for your wedding band if you’re considering a diamond band. Don’t bother with the half bands. More often than not, it’ll spin on your finger and the non-diamond side will always show. It’s a piece of advice a friend of mine gave me when I was shopping for a wedding band and I pass it along whenever I can.

Traditionally, these rings are for couples who have already been married anywhere from 10 to 50 years. But, times have changed, and couples who haven’t been married as long are also choosing to celebrate their marriage with eternity rings.

But, before you buy a ring, there are a few things you should consider. These rings are meant to sit with the bridal and engagement ring, so it must be able to fit accordingly. Let’s look at a few other things to consider.

Complementing the Bridal Set
If you want the eternity ring to add to the bridal ring set, consider how all three rings might look together. The engagement ring should still be the center piece of the entire look, but the addition of an eternity ring from http://www.ringleaders.com.au/ or from similar jewelers should enhance the engagement ring and now overpower it. This means that your rings will complement each other nicely and will wear evenly, too, over the years.

The Quality
You should also think about matching the quality of your existing rings. Aim to pick diamonds of the same grade as you are sure to notice any variations in color between your diamonds when the rings sit next to each other. Also, keep the metal consistent. For instance, match 18ct gold with 18ct gold. This will look amazing since the color of the metal is the same, and it can help your rings to wear better, giving them greater longevity. Keep in mind that gold tends to be softer than platinum, so if a platinum ring and a gold ring are worn next to one another, the wear will be easier to notice.

Considering Color
Including colored gems in the eternity ring is a great way to personalize the ring set. Some popular choices include pink or blue sapphires and rubies. But, still keep the bridal ring set in mind. If it mostly has white diamonds, colored gems will work well.

Wearing the Eternity Ring with Other Rings
Many people already love their bridal set just the way it is, and they don’t want to add an eternity ring. It all comes down to personal style and choice, though, and there really aren’t any rules set in stone. Finding a most awarded jeweler or a trustworthy jeweler around your area will allow you to easily find the perfect ring.

If you find an eternity ring that is a little too big to wear with your current bridal set, it’s a good opportunity to wear it on your right hand, instead. You may even want to go for something completely different and not have to worry about matching quality and colors.

There really is no right or wrong style for an eternity ring. It comes down to picking something that you love and are happy to wear for, well, an eternity. You could even have your partner choose the ring with you and you may want to get something similar for them, too.