Feeling Fatigued

As I’m writing this, I’m definitely not feeling the #sundayscaries. It’s been a very busy summer at work, but we’re in Scotland for the week {yes again!} and it’s been blissful to unplug as much as we have been.

I’ll eventually get around to sharing pics from our trip earlier this year, but let’s be real. I’m woefully behind on a lot of my pics, I even have some from our trip to Hong Kong in 2015 that haven’t seen the light of day! If you want to follow along, I’ve been posting to Insta when I have service, but since we’re going to the outer isles of Orkney and south end of Kintyre peninsula, things may be slow on that front too.

But let’s not dwell on what I haven’t shared and get on with it shall we? I’ve really been feeling green lately, specifically a little army khaki. I found this top in a thrift shop in town and somewhere I read that the 70s style of Gucci loafers is coming back over the lower profile ones. Thoughts?

isabel marant top // jcrew denim // coach bag // gucci loafers